How do I make a payments?

Through Paypal and Credit card

We accept Paypal payments. You can do onetime payment (manually paid for every billing cycle) as well as subscription payments (automatically paid for every billing cycle).

For onetime payment

Please login to
Once signed in, you will be showed due invoices in your home page if any.
Click the invoice link and you will see invoice details.
Click the Paypal button named "Checkout" at the top right corner and you will be redirected to the secure Paypal payment page.
There you can pay your invoices either by your Paypal balance or by a credit card if you don't have a Paypal account.

For Subscription

Do the first 3 steps of the above method and click the Paypal button named "Subscribe" and you will be redirected to the secure Paypal payment page.
Once you successfully subscribed, all your invoices will be paid automatically by every billing cycle.

Offline payments:

If you wish to make payment with a bank transfer, cash/cheque/DD deposit, you will have to pay for one complete year.

Currently, we are pleased to accept not only direct cash/cheque/DD deposit in our ICICI bank account but also online money transfer from yours. Service charges Rs.100/- will be collected extra in case of non-base branch direct cash deposit

Ensure that you place an order for a product/service or should have an active product/service with HostAcmee before making payment. Then you can open a support ticket to our billing team from HostAcmee client area asking for our bank account information. Please note the order reference (invoice) number with your ticket while contacting us.

Further communications should be accompanied with the same ticket by mentioning the following details.

Date of payment
Domain name
Originating bank account from where payment was sent
Name of the account

*Payments by bank transfer, Cash/DD/Cheque are non refundable and does not cover money back guarantee

*Account activations will be made once the payment has been manually screened and approved by our staff to avoid fraudulence activities.


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